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This year's program will comprise 7 half-day sessions. The following program is still under construction and might be revisited once all the abstracts have been received.


Posters will be shown in a separate room throughout the whole meeting. We recommend poster sizes not to exceed A0 (i.e. 841mm x 1189 mm or 33.1in x 46.8in, either Landscape or Portrait).


Monday Dec 18th

08:30-10:30 Detector status (B.F.Schutz)
08:30-08:54 "Status of LIGO", Brian O'Reilly (for the LSC) (20'+4') PPT,PDF
08:54-09:18 "Status of TAMA", Daisuke Tatsumi (for TAMA) (20'+4') PPT
09:18-09:42 "Status of Virgo", Gabriele Vajente (for VIRGO) (20'+4') PPT
09:42-10:06 "Status of GEO", Benno Willke (for GEO) (20'+4') PDF
10:06-10:30 "Status of LISA", Karsten Danzmann (for LISA) (20'+4') PDF
10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:30 Detector characterization (N.Kanda and B.Sathyaprakash)
11:00-11:20 "Data Quality Vetos in LIGO S5 Searches for Gravitational Wave Transients", Laura Cadonati (for the LSC) (15'+5') PDF
11:20-11:40 "Glitch and veto studies in LIGO's S5 search for gravitational wave bursts", Erik Katsavounidis (for the LSC) (15'+5') PDF
11:40-12:00 "Results of the hardware injections performed on the LIGO interferometers", Myungkee Sung (for the LSC) (15'+5') PDF
12:00-12:20 "Multidimensional classification of burst triggers from the 5th science run of LIGO", Soma Mukherjee (for the LSC) (15'+5') PPT
12:20-12:30 Posters illustration
12:30-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-16:00 detector characterization (N.Kanda and B.Sathyaprakash)
14.00-14.20 "Data quality studies for burst analysis of Virgo data acquired during Weekly Science Runs", Elena Cuoco (for VIRGO) (15'+5') PPT
14:20-14:40 "Data and detector characterisation at GEO600", Martin Hewitson (for the LSC) (15'+5') PDF
14:40-15:00 "Result of first test run data of CLIO", Tomomi Akutsu (for CLIO) (15'+5') PPT
15:00-15:20 "Burst vetoes using known instrumental couplings: Application to GEO S5 data", Ajith Parameswaran (for the LSC) (15'+5') PDF
15:20-15:40 "A statistical veto method with a back-coupling consistency check", Stefan Hild (for the LSC) (15'+5') PDF
15:40-16:00 "Veto analysis for gravitational-wave burst candidates using systematic survey on monitor signals", Koji Ishidoshiro (M.Ando and K.Tsubono) (15'+5') PPT
16:00-16:30 Coffee break

16:30-18:00 Burst session I (M.A.Bizouard and G.Prodi)
16:30-16:55 "Astrophysical Interpretation of Gravitational Wave Burst Observations", Lee Samuel Finn (20'+5') PDF
16:55-17:20 "Search for gravitational-wave bursts associated with gamma-ray bursts using the LIGO detectors", Soumya Mohanty (for the LSC) (20'+5') PPT
17:20-17:40 "Search for Gravitational Wave Radiation Associated with the Pulsating Tail of the SGR 1806-20 Hyperflare of December 27th, 2004 using LIGO" Luca Matone (for the LSC), (15'+5') PDF
17:40-17:55 "An Evidence Based Ring-down Search", James Clark (10'+5') ODP,PDF

Discussion (5 min)
19:00 Event for the Einstein@Home community in Golm

Tuesday Dec 19th

08:30-10:25 Searches for continuous signals (S.Frasca and B.Allen)
Hot topic I: Computing cost versus sensitivity: what is the best all-sky search at 1 Tflop ? At 100 Tflops ?
Hot topic II: Where to gamble our precious Flops: what is the best region in parameter space for blind searches ?
08:30-08:55 "A fast incoherent search for CW sources in binary systems", Chris Messenger / Hot topic II (20'+5') PDF
08:55-09:20 "Coincidence analysis between periodic source candidates in C6 and C7 Virgo data", Cristiano Palomba (For VIRGO)/ Hot topic II (20'+5') PPT
09:20-09:45 "All sky search for periodic waves in LIGO S4 data using the weighted Hough transform", Badri Krishnan (for the LSC) / Hot topic I (20'+5') PDF
09:45-10:00 Introduction to the hot topics discussion, Sergio Frasca (15'+0') PPT
10:25-10:55 Coffee break

10:55-11:30 Searches for continuous signals (S.Frasca and B.Allen)
10:55-11:10 "New gravitational wave upper limits for selected ms pulsars using LIGO S5 data", Matthew Pitkin (12'+3')
11:10-11:25 "Optimal parameter-space covering for CW searches", Reinhard Prix (12'+3')
11:25-11:30 Poster illustration (Nelson Christensen)
11:30-12:30 LISA data analysis (A.Vecchio and C.Cutler)
11:30-12:00 MLDC: summary of results, (speaker TBD) (24+6) PPT1 - PPT2
12:00-12:20 "Searching for Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in the Mock LISA Data Analysis Challenge", Edward Porter (N.Cornish) (15'+5')
12:20-13:50 Lunch break

13:50-15:30 LISA data analysis (A.Vecchio and C.Cutler)
13:50-14:10 "Inference on inspiral signals using LISA MLDC data", Christian Röver (J.Clark, et al) (15'+5')
14:10-14:30 "Hierarchical Search for MBH Mergers in Mock LISA Data", Curt Cutler (15'+5') PPT
14:30-14:50 "LISA source modeling and data analysis at Goddard", John Baker (K.A.Arnaud et al) (15'+5') PPT
14:50-15:10 "Kicking It Up A Notch: BAM as a recipe for solving the LISA foreground problem", Jeff Crowder (N.Cornish) (15'+5')
15:10-15:30 "Bayesian inference on galactic binary systems using MLDC data sets", Alberto Vecchio (A.Stroeer et al) (15'+5')
15:30-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-18:00 LISA data analysis (A.Vecchio and C.Cutler)
16:00-16:20 "Results of MLDC for single galactic white dwarf binaries", Andrzej Krolak (15'+5') PPT
16:20-16:40 "Tomographic method for LISA binaries: application to MLDC data", Rajesh Nayak (15'+5') PDF
16:40-17:00 "Progress in a modified CLEAN method and its application to tomographic reconstruction of LISA Galactic binaries", Kazuhiro Hayama (S.Mohanty and R.Nayak) (15'+5')
17:00-17:20 "Mock LISA Data Challenge: Results from continuous-wave search using the F-statistic", Reinhard Prix (J.Whelan) (15'+5') PDF
17:20-17:40 "Lisa data Analysis: A first approach at the APC (Paris)", Eric Plagnol (G.Auger et al) (15'+5')
17:40-18:00 "Selection effects in resolving Galactic binaries with LISA", Matthew Benacquista (S.Larson and B.Taylor) (15'+5')
20:00 GWDAW11 Banquet, Dorint Hotel, conference room

Wednesday Dec 20th

08:30-10:30 Searches for inspiral signals (F.Marion and P.Brady)
08:30-09:05 "Status of the coalescing binaries search activities in Virgo", Leone Battista Bosi (for the Virgo Collaboration) (25'+10') PPT,PDF
09:05-09:40 "Search for compact binary systems in LIGO data", Thomas Cokelaer (for the LSC) (25'+10') ODP,PDF
09:40-10:05 "GRB triggered inspiral searches in LIGO data", Alexander Dietz (for the LSC) (18'+7') ODP,PDF
10:05-10:30 "Search for Quasi-Normal Ringdown Signals in LIGO S4 Data", Lisa Goggin (for the LSC) (18'+7') PPT,PDF
10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:30 Searches for inspiral signals (F.Marion and P.Brady)
11:00-11:24 "E-thinca: an improved method for coincidence analysis", Craig Robinson (B.Sathyaprakash and A.S.Sengupta) (17'+7') ODP,PDF
11:24-11:46 "BestNET-CC: Extension of BCC search to GW interferometer networks", Archana Pai (E.Chassande-Mottin) (17'+5') PDF

11:46-12:08 "Coherent Bayesian inference on binary inspiral signals", Christian Röver (Renate Meyer, Gianluca Guidi, Andrea Vicere, Nelson Christensen) (17'+5') PDF
12:08-12:30 "Phenomenological template bank for black hole coalescence waveforms", Ajith Parameswaran and Badri Krishnan (S.Babak, Y.Chen, M.Hewitson, A.Sintes, B.Bruegmann, J.Gonzalez, M.Hannam, S.Husa, D.Pollney, L.Rezzolla, U.Sperhake, J.Thornburg) (17'+5')
12:30-14:00 Lunch break, SOC lunch

14:00-14:30 Poster presentations (G. Woan)

14:30-16:00 Poster session and coffee break 

16:00-18:00 Searches for stochastic background (A.Lazzarini)
Hot topic I: Understanding of astrophysical (foreground) and cosmological (background) sources of stochastic GWs
Hot topic II: Spatially resolved searches for stochastic foregrounds and multiple-baseline searches ("stochastic networks")
16:00-16:30 "Stochastic Background from extra-galactic double neutron stars", Tania Regimbau, Hot topic I (20'+10') PPT,PDF

16:30-17:00 "Prospects for Stochastic Background Searches Using Virgo and LSC Interferometers", Giancarlo Cella (for LSC-VIRGO)/ Hot topic II (20'+10') PDF
17:00-17:30 "An Efficient Algorithm for Computing the Time Resolved Full Sky Cross Power in an Interferometer with Omni-directional Elements", Kipp Cannon, Hot topic II (20'+10') PDF
17:30-18:00 "Preliminary Results of LLO-ALLEGRO Stochastic Search", John T. Whelan (for the LSC) (20'+10') PDF(blue),PDF(white)

Thursday Dec 21st

08:30-10:30 Burst session II (M.A.Bizouard and G.Prodi)
08:30-09:00 "All-Sky Search for Gravitational Wave Bursts during the fifth LIGO Science Run", Brian O'Reilly (for the LSC) (25'+5') PPT
09:00-09:25 "Results by the IGEC2 collaboration on 2005 data", Gabriele Vedovato (for the IGEC) (20'+5') PPT
09:25-09:50 "First joint search of burst gravitational waves by the AURIGA-EXPLORER-NAUTILUS-VIRGO collaboration", Lucio Baggio (for AURIGA-ROG-VIRGO) (20'+5') PPT,PDF
09:50-10:10 "Application of the Q Pipeline to the LIGO S5 burst search", Shourov Chatterji (For the LSC) (15'+5')

Discussion 20 min
10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-12:30 Burst session II (M.A.Bizouard and G.Prodi)
11:00-11:25 "Coherent detection and reconstruction of burst events in the S5 LIGO and GEO data.", Sergey Klimenko (for the LSC) (20'+5') PPT,PDF
11:25-11:50 "Search for burst gravitational waves in LIGO-GEO S4 data", Ik Siong Heng (for the LSC) (20'+5') PDF
11:50-12:10 "Regularized coherent network analysis pipeline for triggered searches",Kazuhiro Hayama (Malik Rakhmanov, Shantanu Desai, Soumya Mohanty) (15'+5') PDF

Discussion 20 min

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