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    Travel to and local transportation

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Travel to and local transportation
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Travel to and local transportation

The Dorint hotel can be easily found with Google maps (the large bright building to the left of the pointer). It's just north of the city center of Potsdam and thus easily reachable by public transport and car.

How to get there: by plane, public transport or car

Getting there by plane

Berlin has three (medium sized) airports with international connections (inluding many no-frill flights). You can either arrive at Tegel (TXL), Tempelhof (THF) or Schönefeld (SXF). Not surprisingly, there are different ways to get to the hotel from each of these airports:


Using a taxi is probably the fastest, but also one of the more expensive options. The price tag will be around 50€.

Public transport

Berlin has an extensive, safe, and (usually) efficient public transportation network consisting of trains, buses and trams. To use the public transport in Berlin and Potsdam, you need to buy a ticket for the proper zone. You can either buy it from the bus driver or from any machine located in the airports or the train stations. To come to the hotel from the Berlin airports, you need to buy a single-way transportation ticket for the "Berlin ABC" Zone (cost 2.60 Euro). This ticket is valid for two hours after it has been validated in the red stamping machine, usually located near the ticket machine or on the railway platforms. If you buy it from the bus driver, you do not need to validate your ticket. With this ticket you can use all trains, buses and trams in the Berlin-Potsdam area for 2 hours, and it will get you all the way to the hotel.

For the public transport map of Potsdam and Berlin please click here and for the fares in Potsdam and Berlin click here. You can also use this route finder website (left side of the page) to find out how can you get to a specific destination. Just remember that for our purpose, you should write "Potsdam, Dorint Novotel" as your destination. If you do not mention "Potsdam" in the form, their software takes the Dorint Novotel in Berlin as the first priority!

Note that the Deutsche Bahn search engine also has information on public transport--including trams and buses--if you know the stop/station names and want an alternative timetable search option.

If you come directly to the Potsdam Hbf (main train station) by any means, you can easily take bus 695 toward "Potsdam, Bahnhof Pirschheide" and get off in "Potsdam, Reiterweg/Jägerallee" (7th stop after Potsdam Hbf, which takes about 11 min). From there, you can walk to the Hotel.
Please check the timetables you can download here:
Timetable for buses from Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) to Dorint hotel.
Timetable for buses from Dorint hotel to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof (main railway station).

  • From Tegel (click for map):
    1. Take bus line X9 or 109 to Berlin Zoo. With both buses, you simply need to stay on the bus till the last stop. The trip will last about 20mins on the X9.
    2. From Berlin Zoo, take the express train RE1 or the slow train S-Bahn S7 To Potsdam Hbf. The trip will last about 20mins with the RE1, and about 35mins with the S7.
    3. From the front of the Potsdam Hbf, take bus 695 to Dorint hotel (Jägerallee). Taking a taxi from Potsdam Hbf to the hotel is also a relatively inexpensive option.
  • From Tempelhof (click for map):
    1. Take subway U6 to Friedrichstraße.
    2. Take either train RE1 or S-Bahn S7 to Potsdam Hbf.
    3. Take bus 695 to Dorint hotel (Jägerallee).
  • From Schönefeld (click for map):
    1. Either take train RB22 directly to Potsdam or any other train or S-Bahn going to Berlin Hbf. (These are regional trains--RB or RE--to destinations Nauen, Dessau Hbf, or Belzig, or the S9 to Spandau. Do not get on the S45 to Hermannstrße or any regional train to Senftenberg or Wünsdorf-Waldstadt. If in doubt, consult the maps and departure times on the wall of the arrival hall while waiting for your baggage.)
    2. In case of going via Berlin Hbf, change to train RE1 or S-Bahn S7 at Berlin Hbf to Potsdam Hbf.
    3. Take bus 695 to Dorint hotel (Jägerallee).


You can rent a car at either of the airports, for specific directions please use Google maps again.

For more information about touristic places in Berlin and Potsdam, you may look at the following pages;
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  • City map of Potsdam.
  • Tourist information, Berlin.
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