Einstein@Home public event


July 2nd 2011


Meet Einstein@Home

(Diese Seite in Deutsch)

Meet Einstein@Home participants, ask the physicists and developers behind Einstein@Home, listen to inspiring and informative talks and see what else happens in the Gravitational Wave community and at the Albert Einstein Institute, have some food, drink and fun!

The program for this evening will be:

19:00 Introduction by Reinhard Prix, Einstein@Home Developer
Talk by Bruce Allen:
"The history and status of Einstein@Home"
Audio mp3 (4MB), Slides ppt (8MB), pdf (1MB)
Talk by Brian O'Reilly, LIGO Livingston Observatory:
"The status of LIGO and the S5 run"
Audio mp3 (5MB), Slides ppt (10MB), pdf (4MB)
Talk by Bernard Schutz, Director of the AEI:
"The future of Gravitational Wave Science"
Audio mp3 (8MB), Slides ppt (4MB), pdf (1.5MB)
20:05 Informal part

The talks will take place in the main lecture theater in the central building of the Max-Planck-Campus. They will be given in English, questions can be asked in German and will be translated.

During the "informal part" of the evening we will provide information (posters, movies etc.) about gravitational wave detectors such as LIGO, GEO600 and LISA, and Einstein@Home, and have a number of competent people to talk to. In particular the Einstein@Home developers Badri Krishnan and Bernd Machenschalk will be there to answer questions, give further information and to just talk to.

Bruce Allen, Bernd Machenschalk and Reinhard Prix (among others) are looking forward to meet you.

Date & Time: December 18th 2006 7pm
Location: Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
(Albert Einstein Institute)
Potsdam - Golm
Directions how to get there
Accomodation: at potsdam.de (auch in Deutsch)
Contact: eah-event-2006@aei.mpg.de
Bernd.Machenschalk@aei.mpg.de (LOC chair)
Phone: +49 (331) 567-7303 (Elke Müller)

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